Saturday, August 23, 2014

Freelance Editor Susan Lakin

C. S. Lakin headshot
Freelance editor Susanne Lakin

 An update on the process of hiring a freelance editor to edit my two books is the topic of today.

I've been silent for too long, folks. Ah, yes, that's right, I do have a good excuse.

My freelance editor Susan Lakin has kept me busy with homework. Yes, it's just like school, folks. I sent in my pages, she edited them and sent them back. She noted in Track Changes things like this: "Do you mean to say . . .". Or she would write this, "I don't know what you mean here."

I got too many of those from my wonderful editor, but I bit my lip and rewrote.

Ninety-nine percent of the time I took her suggestions, even when I thought I wouldn't at that moment I was reading what she thought. I'd let the edits sit overnight and come back to them the next day. I'd think, "Well, Susanne's correct. I'll do as she suggests."

The hardest part came at the end of my first book, Just Claire. Susanne felt it needed a resolution. Resolution? But I thought I did well with that. I let that idea sit for more than overnight, grumbling that I wanted to be done with book one. Sure enough, Susanne was spot on right. Of course.

Susanne and I began the process of edits in February 2014, and over the five months, we finished up the two books. Both are not terribly long, one is an upper middle grade and the other is a memoir devotional.

BTW, at the end, at the very last few page edits, Susanne, writes, "Don't you think it needs a more kid friendly title?"


Then I nodded. Of course. This is Susanne talking. I'll look over my story and see if it's not already there. Sure enough. I found it.

The title changed from ClaireLee A.D. (After Denial) to Just Claire. The title is perfect in my and Susanne's opinions.

For the moment.


A publisher might come along and want to rename the book. But then that's another story and one I'd be all too happy to shout out.

Find Susanne on Twitter and her blog Livewritethrive.

Until next time . . . seek a freelancer and get to work writerly friends.