Friday, March 8, 2013

How To Build Your Platform, Part III

Jean Ann Perches On Top Of A Winter's Supply of Firewood

I stand amazed at how willing people are to encourage me and help me with platform building.

There are a lot of kind folks out there in the world. A sweet lady, Dorene, wrote an email to The Drew Marshall Show, and she told Drew he should consider having me on his radio featured as a God Blogger. Drew contacted me, and we set a date and a time. Just that simple and my interview went real well.

Drew said the point was to drive more traffic to my Love Truth blog. Guess what? It did just that. I am averaging 50 to 75 page views daily, since the interview. Far more than ever before. Thank you, Drew Marshall!

Now I know God as always had a hand in all this, and then a sweet woman felt a need to help me. Thank you, sweet lady, Dorene!

In two months, I've had one TV news interview, two radio interviews, and one radio interview scheduled for April. In this same time frame, I've also had several people featured on my Love Truth blog and have two more interviews scheduled, one will be a week long of posts.

Also, I've been accepted as a contributing writer for the Thinking About Suicide blog that helps others to NOT consider suicide. I'm very excited about this opportunity to help out this fantastic blog. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

I'm still reading Chuck Sambuchino's "Create Your Writer Platform" and folks it's good stuff. Allow me quote from his book:

Chuck writes, "Numbers matter in this business, so you must find ways to quantify your platform." Here's Chuck's example:

Wrong: "I am on Twitter and just love it."
Correct: "I have more than ten thousand followers on Twitter."

Wrong: "I do public speaking on this subject."
Correct: "I present to at least ten events a year--sometimes as a keynote. The largest events have up to 1,200 attendees. A full list of events is on my website."

I would never have thought the numbers should be this high as a platform builder. I did know to include details in my proposal, but they are very small in comparison. It's a truth that I am just getting started in this business of platform building.

If anyone has any words of wisdom that they've learned about platforms, please let me know. Hmmm, that just gave me an idea. I need to find some people to interview about their journey to building their platform. Any takers?

Until next time . . . I keep building.