Friday, December 14, 2012

My First Book Proposal & New Book Out


I am working on my first book proposal for a devotional on my loss of my son to suicide. The writing of the book came easily, but of course with a few tears.  The book proposal? That's another entirely different kind of writing.

Since I knew nothing about proposals, I searched and found Mary DeMuth's  Nonfiction Book Proposals that Grab an Editor or Agent by the Throat (in a good way!).

Not only does DeMuth give a simple step by step on how to write a book proposal, she shows her proposal examples. And that's not all. Because this book is an Ebook, it comes with a proposal template with prompts on how to add your information.

This book made my life much easier, and when you're taking on a project like a proposal, you need all the shortcuts you can find. I can't say enough good about DeMuth's book, and I give Nonfiction Book Proposals five stars *****. To find out how to buy your copy, email DeMuth at

Now for the news about one of my stories in a newly published anthology, Grandmother, Mother and Me: Memories, Poetry and Good Food. In the previous post I wrote that it was coming out soon. Now it's here and you can order your copy at Amazon.

And that's not all, within the next month, I'll be featured in a "When I Was a Kid" blog by Crystal Laine Miller. There will be some family photos and of myself as I was growing up.

I'll keep everyone posted as to when I'll be interviewed.

To those who write, keep writing and never, ever give up.

To those who read, please keep buying  books.

Until next time . . . read and write.