Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Build Your Platform, Part II

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The Living Joyfully Free radio program interview on February 4th. went okay.

I must say it was not as easy as the TV interview I did three weeks ago. I kept interrupting the host, Lisa Buffaloe, talking too long and taking forever to answer her questions. It was as though I wanted to give her the history of the answer before I answered. Not good.

Lisa said I did wonderful for a first timer. Thanks, Lisa! You made it wonderful. :)  She has a calming radio voice and is a professional radio host. I'm glad Lisa became my first interviewer on Internet radio.

I plan to listen to my interview a few times to get into my head what I did wrong, how to be more professional, and still be transparent for listeners. With God all things are possible. :)

The question is, why was the TV interview easier? My husband, who interviewed as part of his job, said it's easier to sit in front of the interviewer. I could see the person with whom I spoke to. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my radio interview. It means it's different.

My next radio interview is tentative for spring on Christian Devotions Speak UP radio, with host Scott McCausey.

To help with building my writer platform, I'm reading a how-to book, "Create Your Writer Platform: The Key to Building an Audience, Selling More Books, and Finding Success as an Author", by Chuck Sambuchino.

Chuck writes for Writer's Digest Books and does a great job helping other writers on the road to publication. This is the second book I've bought by Chuck, and it's money well spent once again.Thank you, sir.

You may order Create Your Writer Platform on

My nonfiction proposal, slanted for Hartline Literary, is almost ready to send. I've created a basic proposal which is more detailed to cover all the bases. I read Hartline's guidelines for what to include in a book proposal and followed them perfectly. A writer may not fudge on this point. It's unprofessional not to take serious an agency or publisher's guidelines.

I'll write more on the topic of platform building once I have an update.

Until next time . . . I hope this helps someone else!