Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Read Or Not To Read

This question has bothered me. A lot. I write, but I also read. I dearly love to read. Writing is hard, hard work, although rewarding and a passion of mine. But, I read to learn of other worlds, when shouldn't I be writing?

I know people who read even more than I do. Why aren't they writers? Don't they know more than me because they read volumes every year?

I am here to settle this little nagging reading/writing thing once and for all.

If I need to get myself back in the chair to write, I better write. If my brain is on overload, I should take a break to read. Read in the genre I write. Read what I want to write about in the future and to see how it's done.

There is so much to learn about writing and creating a story, so I need my how-to books and magazines, but I also need to read children's books to show me how that's done.

I need to pace myself a bit and spend more time at my keyboard. Oh, but I forget, there are times I neglect my books, because my mind goes a mile a second and my fingers can't keep up on the keyboard.

How about you, Dear Readers? Could you share how you've handled this topic of when to read and when to write? Do you read too much?

Check out one writer's ideas on time for reading and writing here. And plain ol' life.

And this writer, Natalie Bahm has the perfect idea for time to read more. Why didn't I think of audio books? Sigh!

Until next time . . . read, listen, and write.