Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Own Version Of NaNoWriMo

I wish I could be involved in NaNoWriMo, but Novembers are crazy, busy for me. Then, I thought of my New Adult story written in pencil on a legal yellow ledger. It's my new work from last winter. What could I do to push myself to enter that first draft into Word?

Then, it came to me. I called my friend Lisa. "Guess what I'm doing in a kind of NaNoWriMo?" Then I told her about my story that I needed to get into Word.

Lisa said, "I'm doing something similar."

Wow, great minds and all, you know.

Lisa laughed. "We'll call it NaNoWriLite."

Yes, I like that.

So far the project is working. I've marked the page count of each day on my calender. I'm behind five pages of SEASON OF THE FAWNS, but I can catch up.

Until next time . . . write, write, write, NaNoWriMo.