Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Experience in Hiring a Professional Freelance Editor

At my writing desk

Nearly four months ago I hired a professional freelance editor, and I can't say enough for how much she's helped me and my work. She edits and proofreads, and she's thorough. I'm pleased as can be. We're half way done with my first book, and she recently began work on my second book.

I highly recommend my freelance editor, Susanne Lakin

The best part is I'm learning from her. Now I don't remember by heart all the places in my sentences that she's taken away the comma or added in one, or why, but I'm getting the rules into my brain just the same. I've learned to take what I do learn and add it into the next chapters before I send those to her. It saves her time and me money. All because I'm learning from a professional.

I bought Susanne's book Say What? The Fiction Writer's Handy Guide to Grammar and I'm reading it a little at a time. Some of the rules of grammar are sticking in my brain from there, also. And if I have a grammar question when I'm working, I go to Susanne's book.

I prayed for a long while before I found Susanne, and God answered my prayer. I was ready to stuff my first book into a file never to look at it again. But I prayed about doing that and in the process found Susanne on Twitter. Then, I read over her website in detail. Afterward, I asked her a few questions and she replied. I was pretty sure she was an answer to prayer and that it was high time to hire an editor.

Susanne is just right for my needs as a writer. I needed someone who would work hard and yet take a moment along the way to encourage me. I needed someone who is honest and not afraid to tell me where I'm not clear in my story. I didn't want an editor to tip-toe through my story, but to go in and clean up what isn't working. Someone that makes me take the time to think of how better to phrase a sentence.

Making the decision to hire a professional editor took me too long. Go here if you want to learn more about Susanne Lakin's editorial service.

Until next time . . . hire a good editor before you decide to trash your story.