Saturday, October 17, 2009

Average Books Can Teach

I've read many, many award winning books and just plain wonderful reads. I've read a few average written books, also.

Like the award winning and just plain great books, I take the average written book reading experience and use it for my learning curve. Because when I sit down to work on my manuscripts, my poorly written sentences and paragraphs leap out at me.

That doesn't mean I don't grit my teeth, and want to sling some books through the air. I actually threw a self-published book across the room once, grumbling as it soared. I was outraged that a publisher took the money and embarrassed the author with all the GLARING errors on the pages. It was truly sad. I finished it with respect to the author.

Now don't take me wrong. I have a friend, Cathe Olson, who has written and self-published her healthy eating books (check out her blog!). She had them professionally edited and it shows. She's a smart business woman with a talent for words, and that produces books that sell.

That's my take on award winning, great, and average books. Now if I come across a book that is WAY too boring? I won't read past the third page.

Back to my manuscript with my own wordy phrases and long narratives, and snip, snip, snip I go, with hope on my trail!

Until next time . . .