Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mentoring Another Writer

Have you ever considered mentoring another writer?

I was reading a woman's blog and I kept going back, because what she had to say made sense and I loved her honesty. I noticed that she had a focused purpose to her posts. The only problem? Her spelling and grammar was lacking.

I thought to myself, Will people stop taking her seriously if she continues to not edit her work?

I sensed a nudging by the Holy Spirit to approach her.

I wrote and praised her work and said how much I believed in her ministry. Then I asked if I could critique her posts before she sent them out. I held my breath, prayed, and hit send.

Will she be offended? I wondered.

I got a reply, and she agreed that I could edit her work.

After several back and forth emails, she asked, "Why are you doing this?"

I told  her my reasons as I mentioned above, and she was still not offended.

After several months passed, she told me a secret; she was a teenager.

She had kept her identity hidden because she felt people wouldn't take a teen seriously. When I read those words, I gasped for two reasons. It saddened me that she was probably right, and I felt privileged to help a young person and didn't even know I had.

We have an online friendship I cherish. What a blessing she is to me, and how neat it is that God gave me a new friend; a vibrant and young mind willing put down her thoughts for the world. A teen willing to teach others what she's learned about the gospel of Christ.

All of this because I listened to a nudging from the Lord above.

You may visit teenager Jiwan Dhaliwal's site at

Until next time . . . step out in faith when the nudge comes