Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grandmother, Mother and Me: Memories, Poetry and Good Food

Coming out November/December is the book anthology "Grandmother, Mother and Me: Memories, Poetry and Good Food," which features a story about my grandmother titled "Nanny and Me, Punkie Jean."

You know what it's like to love someone enough to want to write about them, or talk about them to anyone who will listen. That's the joy I feel about my nanny, and so I wrote "Nanny and Me, Punkie Jean."

Nanny played a big part in my life until she passed when I was twelve years old. As a tribute to Nanny, I wrote our story last Thanksgiving while I was on vacation at my daughter's. Now a year later, I'll be able to hold Nanny's story in my hands.

Stay tuned for when the book comes out.

Until next time . . . I write.

Photo is of my nanny and papa