Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take A Virtual Vacation

Can't afford a summer vacation this year? No worries. As a family, go to your local library and check out photo illustrated books and videos and see the world. Check out National Geographic for some of the best documentaries. Take turns reading and discussing the place you've visited on the page.

Another fun-filled idea is to log on to trekearth and view any place in the world. Add these to your fun and make a scrapbook.

Before you start, have a family meeting and show your excitement about how this can be a real enjoyable time. You could have each family member pick a place they wish to visit and then learn about that area. Just think, no rushing to pack, or that worn out feeling once you've hit the highway. No pure exhaustion once you've arrived home, again. And just maybe, you will have a few extra dollars to buy a blow up pool to cool off in.

The idea of staying home can be a wonderful experience if family member attitudes are willing. These are tough times, but take advantage of the libraries and Internet and cruise the world.

Until next time . . . make some family fun.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hidden Book Press Call For Submissions

Hi writers and wanna be writers. The deadline for Hidden Book Press's call for submissions is June 15th. If you have a poem, haiku, short story, micro prose, essay, memoir/remembrance and recipe you'd like to share, please e-mail editor Donna Clark Goodrich, The Writer's Friend. Her address is

The theme is broad - Christmas, Christmas tradition, family stories relating to Christmas, food, presents, travel, sharing, mishaps, happenings, giving, cutting the Christmas tree, a special Christmas grace, fiction or Non-fiction-

Authors will receive one complimentary copy if their work is included, and the author will retain copyright.

Hurry, hurry, if you wish to submit that wonderful story brewing inside of you.

Until next time . . . write.