Friday, February 7, 2014

Why Hire A Professinal Freelance Editor?

When I'm not working at my writing, I'm doing goat chores.

Hiring a professional freelance editor to edit our work is top notch important in this publishing climate.

I had no idea how important, until recently. You can hire one to help you with the mechanics of your work. I've done that before, and it was so helpful. I'm finding, though, I needed to flesh out my story: plot points, theme, exposing the emotional needs of my protagonist.

Presently, I've hired someone who is also a writing coach. She charges more, but for me with this current novel I'm working on, it's do or die.

What do I mean by that?

I either do this or my story dies in a drawer.

I came to a place over a month ago, that I had to ask the hard question: should I put away my current book project forever? I prayed, willing to do whatever the Lord leads. The answer surprised me. Lord God gave me a "go for it" to continue. I prayed over my pages and asked Him to give me the words needed to make this story shine. He needed to help me because I was sick of my story.

So He did.

During all this time, a name kept coming up. Someone that had critiqued a few chapters of my story two years ago. We drifted apart, but now her name kept coming to my mind. I became bold and emailed her. She was glad. She was willing to become my critique partner once again.

My critique partner goes through my pages first, then the freelance editor does her job. These two ladies are pressing me to go deeper into my story. It becomes quite mind boggling. It hurts to dig deeply to find out what my protagonist wants. I remember to pray and let God help.

I've read about many Christian authors that claim praying through your project is a must. I never tried it until my Christian devotional book, which is still a work-in-progress. Praying works. The Holy Spirit does His job and I obey. Perfect.

Hiring someone who can tear apart your work to bring out the jewels, like a regular publishing editor would do, is costly. My writing is my business. I must invest in my business.

Until next time . . . pick that perfect critique partner/partners and professional freelance editor and get to work. Don't forget to pray along the way.