Saturday, May 22, 2010

When Someone You Know Publishes A First Book

Recently, an acquaintance of mine announced her first book to be published in 2012. When I read that my eyes nearly popped, and I walked around for an hour with a big smile.

I am truly excited for her.

It is good to be happy for those who publish their first books. In the past, I've felt jealousy many times, but as I grow as a writer . . . as I become more confident and spend time to make my story its best, that all too familiar feeling of the ugly green monster fads. He's a pale, pale green.

I am glad.

I want only the best for fellow writers and feel ashamed at my bouts of jealousy. I am certain if I live long enough, my time will come. It came when I published over three dozen articles, short stories, and puzzles. Didn't it? Well, sure. Even though I am creeping toward the age of the big 6 0, I am no longer worried. Why? I read about the eighty-year-old who published her first book.

So there!

Back to the author who is about to see her first book in print, I salute you!

Until next time . . . keep thy seat into thy chair and write.

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