Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Colorado Pikes Peak Writers Fiction Contest

Last November, I entered the first few pages and the synopsis of my upper middle grade novel in the Pikes Peak Writers Fiction Contest. I paid the fee for one critique and hoped for the best.

In April, I received an e-mail saying I did not place, and the judges comments and critique were enclosed. What I found pleased me. Two judges gave honest and helpful feedback. I am grateful to them and wrote a thank you note as my response to their meaty suggestions.

As I read the paperwork, I could see right off that Pikes Peak's point system and format was simple and organized. The points I earned for my story, CLAIRELEE A.D. (AFTER DISASTER), were the middle end of the grading system. I lacked fourteen points to get into the final judging of the contest.

Before I received the contest outcome, I read an article about how important judges comments can be to your story. I agreed, because the judges suggestions had a familiar ring. When I receive comments from agents, they're saying much of the same thing. With that many folks agreeing with what's not working, I have a clearer understanding of how to rework the plot and make this story worthy for young readers.

Next year I'll enter another story I am working on in the Pikes Peak Fiction Writers Contest. On second thought, CLAIRELEE A.D. (AFTER DISASTER) should be ready by then. I should re-enter CLAD and see what happens.

Until next time . . .

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