Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fodder Gathering Season

Summer is almost upon us, and we are on somewhat of a vacation. I will still write a weekly blog post, but at times it will be shorter.

Visiting, is our granddaughter, Carley, whom I am home schooling, and my husband's mom. I am grateful, as we create wonderful memories, but my writing comes in quick snatches.

I carve out time to work on my chapters in the early morning and during moments when Carley works independently by my side. But, before I could get into that new writing routine, I had to learn HOW to home school twelve-year-old Carley. With help from her mother, we finished the second week just fine. And guess what? Carley taught me surface areas in pre-algebra. Sooooo . . . this old Nana can learn past her fractions, after all.

Most of us writers take blocks of time to live life. It's a requirement, really, not only our responsibility to our loved ones, but to gain fodder for writing.

Presently, I'm in a fodder gathering season. I must not get in a knot, because I've cut back on my writing. No! When fodder gathering passes, I'll have much more to use in my stories.

With Carley and her great-granny here, how could I not?

Carley and I took Granny for a wheelchair walk down to the creek. For one of her school assignments, Carley reads "Walk Two Moons" to Granny and Granny loves the story (Carley reads better as she nears the end of the book). Yesterday, we visited a drive-through wild life animal park. Carley took a bunch of photos, and we all felt small as the giraffe sauntered by.

Living life, the good and the hard, is truly an amazing accomplishment. Then, we dissect what we choose by writing and reliving it all over again.

Until next time . . . live life and then sit down and write.

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