Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter versus Spring Writing

These days I’m working on two stories, full-length novels, both for middle-graders. Since it’s winter, I am able to snuggle in and work every day. And it so happens, I’ve picked up the right books and articles lately, so I’m also on an up learning curve.

This is exactly what I’ve missed all those winters in sunny California, permission to hold up in the house and read and write my heart out. Like I’ve said before, there is a season for everything. God knows what he was talking about, as always.

As spring draws closer, the days will grow longer, eventually allowing for more outdoor work on our one acre property. I must carefully balance with discipline my goal to write several hours daily. Why? First on my farm plan, there’ll be a big garden to put in, a chicken house to build, and chicks to order and prepare for. Which means no time to work crossword puzzles for fun and less reading like I’m doing right this minute.

All in all, I love winter. I want to be like the animals that hibernate, only hibernating for me means sitting longer hours at my computer keyboard and writing. Now, if the electricity goes out for long periods like the neighbors claim, that will put a dent in my plans. Hmmm, maybe my idea of buying an old, but good working, manual typewriter would come in handy in the Oregon woods.

Being known for having a plan B, I’m going to search Craig’s List for that typewriter.

Next post, I'll write about how to make more time for writing.

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