Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time Wasters That Intrude Into Our Writing

On the last post, I wrote about what I was working on and making the most of winter living by working more on my writing projects. We all know, when the weather turns warmer, we’re outside more and we should be.

No matter what season of year it is, there are time wasters that need to be cleaned out of our lives. Just like the debris that gathers in our houses if we don’t clean from time to time.

The biggest time waster is T.V. When we moved last August, we agreed to not hook up ours. I can’t begin to express what a delight it is to not hear the noise of a T.V. or be tempted to watch it. It no longer steals hours from my writing time.

Other time wasters are window shopping, overeating (who me?), over sleeping (I imagine few of us have that problem, though), talking on the phone (especially if we’re gossiping), and another one I can think of is too much time on the Internet. There is a time for Internet, but we all sense when it falls into the territory of procrastination. Internet should be used mostly for our work.

There are times, in our lonely profession, when we need to correspond with fellow writers or family members. This is different. We need to interact with others to fill that lonely spot in our hearts. Then we’re recharged and can begin again to work.

Next post, I’ll write about ways to grab more writing time from everyday life.

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