Friday, March 25, 2016

Feature Friday Author Lara Nance and Her Book "God's Tribe"

I’m pleased to introduce Author Lara Nance, where here we’ll learn something about Lara and her book, God’s Tribe.

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Tell us a bit about yourself, Lara
I grew up in The South, where iced tea is always sweet and BBQ is a religion. I went from reading every horse story in the world, to Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and then on to Mysteries and Sci-fi/Fantasy.
About 1986, I wrote my first novel. Not having a computer back in those days, I wrote the whole thing in a notebook with a pencil. When it was complete, I knew I was hooked, because I'd never stuck with any of my other artistic hobbies as long as I had in writing this first book. 
Finally in 2008 I decided to pursue publishing. After many long hours of learning and giving up all pretense of outside fun, I moved into the ranks of published authors.
When my father was going though a decline before he died this past February, I did a lot of introspective thinking about spirituality and Christianity. That’s when this book, God’s Tribe, was born. An outpouring of all that had become tangled inside me came forth in a tale of redemption. 

Where can you be found online?
Facebook: Lara.nance
Twitter: @Lara_Nance

Where can readers purchase God’s Tribe? 

 Tell us a few things about yourself some folks may not know.
Until the wind changes, I’m living with my husband and two Yorkies, Belle and Bruno, on a sailboat. Next fall, we’re cruising the East Coast and plan to go to the Bahamas.

What other writing have you done?
I’ve written in a lot of different genres. I write what ever story seems important or interesting at any given time. That’s what I love about self-publishing. I’m not writing for a paycheck. I’m writing what I love and what I hope my readers will love.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?
I wrote this in response to many issues I was struggling with in my faith: Trusting God’s plan, searching for my path of service, and dealing with issues from my childhood which hampered my beliefs.

What was your inspiration for God’s Tribe?
While my father was going through his decline, my brother and I had a lot of discussions about Christianity and how we’re supposed to serve God. Our childhood was spent going from congregation to congregation with our father who was a lay minister. Our whole life revolved around the “Church”. We needed to sort out the fact from the fiction and this book helped me do this. I wrote it to provide peace for others struggling with similar issues.

This is wonderful, Lara! What do you hope your readers will take away from reading God’s Tribe?  
I have two thoughts in mind for readers to take away. For those who already believe, I hope they find some peace in dealing with issues of service and faith in God’s plan. For non-believers, I hope some questions are answered which will help them find their way to the truth.

A very noble cause, Lara. What parting wisdom do you wish to give those of us not book published?
Keep learning and keep writing. I’ve always learned something with every book I published, from editors, reviewers, and friends. I will continue to learn as I write. You never know it all. So continue to learn, and never give up.

Such wise words from Author Lara Nance.

God’s Tribe blurb for this dystopian tale of redemption:
In an America destroyed by war and sunk in depravity, scavenger Paul is rescued by Rebecca, a member of the Believer Tribe, and needs healing in both body and soul. Will she be able to overcome the turmoil about her own path of service as well as her feelings for Paul, and lead him to the truth of the Gospel before his radical ideas disrupt the tribe and threaten their evangelical mission?

Until next time . . .  read God’s Tribe.

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