Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Writer's Life: What I Am Doing

Now that summer is over and fall is winding down, I've squeezed in more time to write and to take care of the business side of writing. I've begun to send out another round of queries for my story, ClaireLee A.D. (After Dislocation).

The declines have been kind with a few of them personal notes. The agents are thoughtful and their professional courtesy makes me wish they would take me and my project on. Agents have to be extra careful when acquiring a new client, because selling books to publishers is harder in this publishing climate. Although I read last week on Publishers Weekly that young adult sales will increase, where as the adult book buying market is expected to decline.

Since ClaireLee A.D. won a Letter of Merit, I know my story has a chance. But, I must work harder, continuing to sharpen my craft. Giving my writing the editorial eye is an absolute must. As I go through the manuscript once again, I pretend I am the editor that has my first twenty pages. She's going to be critical as she reads. I, too, must be critical, as I read the rest of the manuscript.

I've found myself slashing out more lines that don't move the story. Words and sentences I've hung onto for a decade. This is hard, but I ask: Do I want to amuse myself or get my story out for children to read? I must remember my audience is more than me, myself, and I.

Until next time . . .


  1. Hello Jean!
    I love reading your posts =]
    I just set up a blog, to get me started on writing more. Maybe you could check it out? It's
    See you Sunday :)

  2. Emma,

    Thank you for being one of my readers. I'm pleased, very much! And yes, I'll go on over and read your blog. Good for you to start one.

    See you later, Jean

  3. Honing the craft never ends, does it!

    A fellow writer who is deleting sentences, too,

  4. Hey, Tanya,

    Great that you stopped by. Yes, we writers have chosen a very tough occupation.

    God will help us through, though, won't he.

    I hope you visit my blog often.

    Jean Ann