Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Middle Grade Or Young Adult

I recently read a post about the difference between middle grade and young adult books. You may read the blog post here.

I was especially interested in the topic of MG versus YA. My novel in the making has been a YA. I had to make changes to fit this in MG category, but after years of flip flopping and unsure, ClaireLee A.D. (After Dislocation) is an upper middle grade novel.

My character has been eleven, twelve, and now she's thirteen. Yes, my story has undergone much transformation over the eleven years. And yes, again, I have written and published articles and short stories, and started many, many works-in-progress during this time. My recent work, Granny and the Road Trip, is my first contemporary story. It is not a heavy topic like CLAD, and I laughed with pleasure as I wrote the first draft. This time, the age group is easy to figure, it is for upper middle grade, again.

I think that's my audience for now. Since I'm not book published, I'll write where I'm most comfortable. As to whether or not an editor would decide differently and categorize CLAD or Road Trip as YA, is up to them. I'm not the expert on this decision, as I write from the heart and show determination as I plant myself in the chair and work.

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