Saturday, August 29, 2009

"The 7 Biggest Myths About Publishing (Know the Truth)"

Hi readers,

I just read this article at _ lu0x_ ( lu0x from Writer's Digest. As a pre-book published writer, I appreciated reading it. Most of it I'd heard before, but some I wondered about when I would hear other writer's talking about their 'baby', another words, their story.

This article made me think of a conference I attended eight years ago featuring guest speaker Harold Underdown. Harold never pulls any punches, and I appreciated his honesty about the publishing industry.

Not so of two ladies I overheard talking. It went somethng like this:

"That was the most discouraging talk I've been to."
"That's for sure."
"Makes me want to quit writing."
"Yeah, why bother after the picture he painted?"

I was a bit amazed at their attitude. What Harold did for me is make me want to work harder.

Do I ever get discouraged? Yes. Does it make me want to quit writing? Yes. But when I imagine not writing? My mind can't wrap itself around that concept. I have to write, and I will even if I never am book published.

I'd enjoy comments from those who read this article.

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