Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Step in the Write Direction: The 2009 SCBWI Oregon Spring Conference

The 2009 brochure and information with facility lineup are available here. The registrations will be posted on the site on Sunday, March 15 at noon. The conference is Friday & Saturday, May 15 & 16.

Since we have so little time to get that registration in if you want to land a spot for an editorial critique, I’ve got my envelope, synopsis (for the editor I’m choosing), and the manuscript pages ready. Before the 15th, I’ll go over the pages that I printed off the site, and choose my editors in order of preference, along with a few others after those choices. A few days before registration is available, I’ll print out my pages and have my package ready.

The reason I haven’t printed out my pages? I want to read them one more time (you know how it is with us writers, “just one more time”) in case I find mistakes.

I’m planning to attend all day Saturday, and possibly one class on Friday. We can drive up early Friday morning and I could catch the afternoon session. I’m excited! The only problem? I won’t know a soul there. I’ve talked on the phone with Robin Koontz, but otherwise, I’m new to this region of writers. Come May 1st, I’ll be picking out my comfy clothes to wear and packing my bags, ready to meet and greet fellow writers and make new acquaintances. And best of all? I plan to learn more about the craft of writing for children.

Until next time . . . Keep writing away or reading about writing nearly every day.


  1. A friend of mine was talking about that conference. It looks really good. I could spend SO much money on this sort of thing...

  2. Yes, Sherrie, we could spend SO much money on confereneces!

    Thanks for posting!


  3. Just stumbled on your blog, Jean. You'll love the Oregon SCBWI folks. Super friendly, very giving. BTW, Elizabeth George's book is also one of my favorites. Her chapter on THADs is one I use over and over!
    See you at the conference,
    Cheryl Coupe

  4. Thanks for dropping in, Cheryl. I can't wait to meet the Oregon group and to meet you.

    See you in May!