Monday, December 15, 2008

Author Quote: Anita Riggio

Here is another quote from CBI's "In Their Own Words." Anita Riggio is author/illustrator of "Wake Up William" and gave this interview in May 1995.

About emerging writers and illustrators, she said, “Writing and illustrating is an act of courage. Unless you tap the emotional core, it will be fluff. In order to do that you have to dig deeper, become vulnerable. That’s where the good stuff is. Children know if you’re writing or illustrating on the surface. You have to be open to yourself and let others in as well, which is scary. Those people who are writing and illustrating because they can’t help themselves—they can’t stop themselves from doing it—will be successful!”

These are encouraging words for us who are not published or not book published, but have magazine credits.

I fine my heart aches when I stay away too long from working on a story. I can't not write!

Until the next Author Quote, let's keep our fingers warm and work!

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