Thursday, December 4, 2008

After A Holiday


I've been gone for nine days and settling in is not easy. Where do I start with all the work at home and at my desk?

I've learned over the years that fretting gets me nowhere. Procrastination gets me nowhere. I have to just start. Somewhere. Just now, I made myself stop checking emails and do what I feel needs the most attention. My blog.

I hope my readers had a restful Thanksgiving with much visiting. We worked a lot, which was a good thing, helping out family that needed a rest. I brought my laptop with my air card for Internet, but it was a bad reception in the house where we stayed. And I found no time in my head for writing work. But, that was okay.

I didn't stop reading the book I brought with me, "Jacob Have I Loved", by Katherine Paterson. Not the first time I've read it and I enjoyed it once again.

Now that I'm home, I'm grateful I'm not eating all that Thanksgiving pie. I got to where I couldn't take another bite. I'm eating light meals with wholesome foods again.

On the trip to and from California, which takes us about 14 hours of driving time, I worked on my MG work-in-progress, TALKING MAMA HOME. Now, I have an article for our local paper that needs rewritten, so I'll tackle that.

I find I am not an every day writer. I wish I were. Don't get me wrong, there are seasons in my life where I write every single day on projects I want to work on. And especially if I have a deadline project for an editor. I do my best to please them. I've come to realize, I thrive on time crunches. I can even tackle life's problems in between my writing.

I'd like to see comments on how others ease into work at their desks after a holiday.

Now! (as I rub my hands together) I'm ready to write, which is always a glad time for me.

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