Friday, October 14, 2011

When I Held The Book "Love Is A Verb Devotional"

I opened the padded envelope and lifted my contributors copy of "Love Is A Verb Devotional."

I grinned.

My heart fluttered.

A first story in a book. 

And, it's about time. I've been writing for sixteen years, so let me explain.

I hadn't thought to contribute stories for book anthologies. I focused my energies on novel writing and article writing for magazines, and I didn't see myself contributing to anthologies. Until one day, the call for devotionals for a book compilation came from my Christian writers list. I thought, why not.

That was six months ago, and my second story is due out in another book in December. I think I have found my niche.

I believe timing is everything, and my time to contribute to anthologies is now. I'm working on two more articles, because it's enjoyable. Also, I hope to help someone as they read what I have written about living through the highlights of life.

Until next time . . . write where you are.