Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who Taught Who: My Writing Class For Home Schoolers

I had a most wonderful experience teaching the first page of a story to a group of home schooled children. The most lovely young ladies you'll ever want to meet. I presented my talk, giving them a handout. They read and critiqued each others first page and we discussed it.

I was amazed at how beautifully these ladies put down words on paper. It is my opinion that most young people write better than adults. At least this adult, as I point my finger at myself. Their story's passion stands out on the page.

With extra time left over, I brought out my first page and read it. They thoughtfully gave me suggestions, great ones, and I learned. I will make the changes and it will be better. They even suggested how to please the gate keepers, so that everyone was satisfied. Smart!

May I suggest that we adult writers take a class from young writers? Let them teach us. I understand now the times I've heard about an author reading her work to students and they helped her.

Why should we be surprised? For after all, these children are our readers.

Until next time . . . read, read, read. Write, write, write.

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