Friday, March 12, 2010

The Story Idea

Writing is an exhausting journey. I've wanted to quit a few times, but when I think about not writing . . . I can't imagine. Writing is a learning process. I started out not knowing a thing and had forgotten most grammar rules to boot. I have to nurture that passion to keep writing, and to find stories I look to real people.

For my second novel I wrote sentences daily, even if only one, until I had a solid first draft. I completed that story in three months. I wrote at night, which was really odd for a morning person like myself. Why would I write at night? I decided it was because the story opens at night and a storm is one of two antagonists. I've got dark, dark, going on and so I wrote at night.

I've written both my novel length stories in first person, but I don't do that well. Not yet, anyway. I wonder if I have to write that first draft in first person to create the story I envision. I'm learning this may be what works. For now. Maybe, just maybe, this is my way of writing that outline that so many folks talk about. I can't seem to get the feel for the story that way. Oh, I did a short outline for Second Novel, and it helped. But, the heart of my stories unfold in first person.

I'm still new to writing the novel length story. I'm not sure how best to pound out my words any faster. I do many things fast, like chores, speech, and when I take walks. Why not writing? I have many questions here, I know. So, back to what I do understand and that's where I get my stories.

My second novel idea came about in a real-life chatter between my two granddaughters, my mother-in-law, and myself. We had just buried my husband's dad, and I think we were all looking for something to laugh about. Mom said a daring thing and it sparked a gem of a thought (don't ever believe just children say cute things). We four kept elaborating on Mom's comment, building a make believe world of what if. I looked over at Mom and said, "This conversation gives me an idea for a story."

She laughed and seemed pleased. So, on our long trip back home, my husband drove and I typed and typed and typed. That ten hour drive sped by in a blur. Best of all, I knew I had a story.

This story is different than my first novel, in that this one is more humorous. Oh, it's got the tense scenes one would expect with nature being the antagonist, but it's also funny. And this story has come at a perfect time after the fourteen years I've been learning how to write. It's my favorite topic, where old-fashioned meets contemporary.

Thanks for allowing me to ponder. I hope I didn't bore you, but a blog is a good listener. Now, I hope people will comment and give me more insights.

Until next time . . .

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