Monday, June 1, 2009

June, the Busy Month

My writer friends and I speak of the woes of less time to write, during this end of the school year and into the full swing of outdoor work.

What to do?

Well, my thoughts go something like this: Do what you can. Sometimes we really must put life first. Writing is not the life, really. It is our passion, our joy, and a job for many. But it is not living breathing life where we grow as characters here on earth.

Busy life can and will give us more fodder for our stories. Whether we are suffering loss, or celebrating a birth, or a graduation. This stuff of life goes into our thoughts bank where we draw from as needed.

Children’s writers draw from childhood at various stages. I find I draw from current relationships, struggles, and experiences all around me, also. I think this happens more, though, as I grow as a writer, and as I grow older.

Take time to be still and that may well be only when you sit down to write. I’ve found myself snatching fifteen minutes here. A page there. Some people may say if they can’t sit down for two hours, it’s not going to happen. I find working even for fifteen minutes moves my story forward an inch and, best of all, keeps my creative or editorial juices flowing for the next day’s work.

A tip to help you grow excited for the next day's work: stop at a point in your story that needs more of your attention.

We must not despair! Time will be on our side once more. Live life. Enjoy family. Experience it all as God intended.

Until next time . . .

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