Friday, February 13, 2009

Book Review of "Write Away"

Elizabeth George, author of books of psychological suspense, does a wonderful job on the craft and art of writing in her how to book "Write Away."

I've read dozens of writing books. Few hit home for me like George's. Her conversational style, and the book's depth of the subject, and the many paragraphs of examples of what she is teaching helps me grasp her points. Her honesty about her own fears as a writer hit home for me.

The book is of medium thickness, and is packed with easy logical chapters of what and how she teaches writing in her classroom settings.

Some of her chapters titles are:Story Is Character; Setting Is Story; Plotting:"It Is the Cause, My Soul"; Voice: You Gotta Have 'Tude; The Value of Bum Glue; Turning Places into Settings, just to name a few.

I highly recommend this book and want to thank Elizabeth for taking the time from her busy life to write this helpful book. To learn more about Elizabeth go to her site:

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