Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oregon adventures . . .

I hope others have had time to read. For myself, I've been house hunting to relocate to my childhood home in the state of Oregon. We've made an offer on an acre with a creek and its small waterfall, pure blackberry heaven.

Speaking of blackberries, I've won a blackberry dessert contest put on by my friend and author Terry Pierce for promotion of her newest book Blackberry Banquet. I'm truly excited to share my multi-generational On-Top-Of-The-Stove Blackberry Cobbler, and you may see the recipe at Terry's blog: http://www.terrypierce.blogspot.com.

My husband took a photo of me for Terry's publisher Sylvan Dell's e-newsletter. I pose in denim dress overalls and red berry shirt next to a bear statue, which suits Terry's book theme. More to come on where to view the e-newsletter.

If I buy the home with a creek, I'm sure the calming effect will allow this writer's creativity to soar. I'll keep you posted as to when we buy our Oregon home.

Enjoy your summer.

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